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Posted on 06-05-2017

Common Sense Back Pain Relief from Our Colorado Springs Chiropractor

At Adams Chiropractic Clinic, our Colorado Springs chiropractor offers those who suffer from lower back pain or upper back pain a common sense solution to back pain relief. It's through chiropractic care that is natural, non-invasive, and drug-free.  It is through the chiropractor Colorado Springs back pain sufferers turn to for back pain relief. 

person suffering from back pain and needs chiropractic treatment

An Alternative Approach to Back Pain Relief

Many who suffer from lower or upper back pain are faced with three choices. First, they can choose to do nothing. This will likely result in further pain as life progresses. A surprisingly large amount of upper and lower back pain sufferers choose to do nothing and suffer the consequences. The second choice is to take medication for pain. While painkillers, either over the counter or prescription, may offer temporary back pain relief, it is only addressing the symptoms of lower back pain or upper back pain and not the root cause. The third choice, many who come to our Colorado Springs chiropractor have been faced, with is invasive and potentially serious back surgery. This is a dramatic decision that should be reserved for only the most serious of situations. Many are relieved to know there is an alternative approach to back pain relief from Adams Chiropractic Clinic.

Our Colorado Springs Chiropractic Solutions

When you see us at Adams Chiropractic Clinic, we'll consult with you about the situation surrounding your upper or lower back pain and your lifestyle. We will conduct a physical exam and perhaps a postural screening. We will then discuss your issues and prescribe a natural treatment program to address your specific issues at the core. Many of our patients realize at least some relief after a single treatment, but our goal is long-term back pain relief by realigning the neuromuscular system. This allows the nerves, muscles, and spine to work in harmony for what is ultimate, a pain-free result.

Make an Appointment with Our Colorado Springs Chiropractor Today

If you are tired of masking the pain with drugs, suffering through upper or lower back pain, or want to avoid surgery, call Adams Chiropractic Clinic at (719) 533-0077 to make an appointment. Discover why we are the Colorado Springs chiropractic choice for so many area families. We are now accepting new patients at our Colorado Springs chiropractic clinic located at 405 Windchime Place in Colorado Springs, CO.

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